Friday, February 26, 2010

New cover - Destiny's Right Hand

Sorry for taking so long to post something new, but the last six months have been crazy. And one of the many things keeping me busy/crazy has been my latest novel - Destiny's Right Hand, which is going to look like this. (I think you can click the picture to enlarge it.) Let me know what you think.

Oh, and here's the blurb ...

a beautiful shoplifter.

a transplanted hand.

a message that

must be delivered.

While stumbling through a harsh world of

hopes and expectations, teenage journalist

Eddie Innocent meets the stunning but strange

Destiny. As they work together to solve a

painful mystery, Eddie wonders if he’s finally

discovered the front-page news story he’s been

looking for.

What he doesn’t realise is that he’s being

drawn deeper into his own darkness.

As you can probably tell by the blurb, it's not sporty or amusing like most of my other books. It's kind of a teenage drama with a magic-supernatural tinge. The main characters are 15 and 16, so it's probably best suited to older kids too.

Let me know what you think.


jonathan said...

I really like the cover. Definitely grabs my attention. And the blurb sounds great too. Can't wait to read it.

When is the release date?

wagstheauthor said...

Thanks Jonathan. I love the cover too - but I may be just a tiny bit biased. :^) It's due for release in May, but I'm not exactly sure which day. I'll try to find out and post the details.

wagstheauthor said...

p.s. How's the writing going Jonathan? Have you been able to write for 20 minutes a day?

jonathan said...

The 20minutes a day idea worked for a while, but has stalled. Having two young kids, a wife doing her doctorate and my own job seem to take the majority of my energy.

Definitely trying to get myself up and going again though.

wagstheauthor said...

They sound like pretty serious (and worthwhile) distractions, Jonathan! I remember a similar time in my life. I didn't get a lot of writing done then either. Funny thing though, is that before you know it, you've got time again - and when you do, you've become so desperate to write and so full of ideas that you go berserk!! :^)

jonathan said...

In fact, they're all going overseas without me for 8 weeks this year, so I'll have no excuses!

wagstheauthor said...

8 weeks! I'm sensing a first-book deal later this year!!